If you’re on the hunt for a budget wedding dress, a sample sale is just what you need!

It can be difficult to know where to start if you’re looking for a budget wedding dress. You still want quality but just can’t afford the high price tag. This is why a wedding dress sample sale in London is the best choice.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a sample sale before; we’re here to tell you exactly what it is and why you need to find your nearest one. But before we get started, here are a few tips on wedding dress shopping:

  • It’s advisable to buy your wedding dress 10-12 months before the wedding. This allows for plenty of time if the dress needs to be ordered in or have alterations done.
  • Research styles before you go shopping. Dresses come in all shapes, sizes and shades. Having a rough idea of what you want before going shopping is advisable. Check out Pinterest for inspiration and ideas!
  • Set your budget for the whole wedding before shopping. Knowing how much you have to spend on each aspect of the wedding is important. Dress shopping is so much easier when you have a budget.

So if it’s a year until your wedding and you’ve decided if you want a mermaid dress or a tea-length style, read on to find out how you buy a cheap dress at a wedding dress sample sale.

What Exactly is a Wedding Dress Sample Sale?

Sample sales happen all the time and they aren’t just for weddings. Designer sample sales are when brands sell clothes which have been used for marketing purposes or for customers to try on. They’re still high quality but because of their pre-use, the price is slashed dramatically.

Wedding dress sample sales in London are where you can find designer wedding dresses at up to 70% of the RRP. This means you get the quality of a designer dress at a much lower cost. Win-win!

Where Can I Find a Sample Sale?

London is the best place for sample sales. With a plethora of bridal boutiques, it’s the best place to find sample sales. Many London wedding dress shops will organise sample sales on odd dates throughout the year. A select few wedding dress shops in London will stock sample sale wedding dresses at their boutique throughout the whole year. We have some of these at Belle Bridal for you to try on whenever you come and visit us!

What Can I Expect at a Wedding Dress Sample Sale in London?

You probably feel a mixture of nerves and excitement when wedding dress shopping. You want to find the perfect dress and within your budget. Talk to the bridal staff about what type of dress you want. Together, find dresses which fit your criteria — and maybe some that don’t, to try something different.

Here are some of our top tips for you to feel prepared when visiting a wedding dress sample sale in London:

  • Bring somebody along — don’t bring a whole entourage of people. Too many opinions can leave you feeling confused. If you’re unsure, take a quiz to find out how many people you should bring.
  • Consider shoes — what shoes will you be wearing on the big day? Bring along the shoes you’ll be wearing or ones with a similar heel size to check what the dress will look like with them on.
  • Ask lots of questions — don’t be afraid to ask tons of questions. It’s a special day and you want to be happy with the dress. At a bridal boutique, the staff know everything about wedding dresses, so feel free to pick their brains!
  • Be comfortable — Although you think you’ll be able to lose weight in time for the big day, what if you can’t? You need to be 100% comfortable in your dress. You’ll be wearing it for a long time and will be standing, sitting, walking and dancing in it! Although sample sales offer a great price, don’t settle for a dress which is uncomfortable just because it’s cheaper.


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