Swept away on a cloud of romance by the new Beauty and the Beast film? Here’s how to find your perfect wedding dress in London to match your perfect romantic fairytale wedding.

The release of an emancipated, feminist, live action retelling of the 1991 Disney film Beauty and the Beast has sent Disney enthusiasts and romance lovers everywhere into a complete tizzy. If you’ve been eyeing up the gorgeous sets and beautiful costumes, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to give you a nudge in the right direction. After all, who better to recreate a Belle-inspired wedding than Belle Bridal? At our wedding dress shop in North London, we’ll turn you into the Belle of the ball.

Bringing Hollywood to a Wedding Dress Shop in North London

The gorgeous wardrobe of Beauty and the Beast was created by Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran. Part of her challenge was working with Emma Watson, who plays the role of Belle, to give more fluidity to Belle’s renowned yellow ball gown and give the costumes a more modern, emancipated feel. This involved ditching the corsets and the ballet shoes to create an outfit Watson could move in.

The iconic yellow dress required a huge amount of work, taking 12,000 hours to complete, 180 feet of satin organza, 3000 feet of thread and 2,160 Swarovski crystals. You may not be able to recreate the amount of material and hours in your own wedding dress — and for that matter, yellow may not be your colour. However, with our sample sale wedding dresses, you can find a designer dress at a peasant… I mean, affordable price.

How to Recreate the Look and Feel of Belle’s Dress

Belle’s costume in Beauty and the Beast was based on 18th-century French fashion, but with a modern twist. Ball gown wedding dresses are easy to find but to truly channel the spirit of Belle, make sure you find one with a flow. The majority of ball gowns come with a tight bodice and a structured skirt, which contradicts the feel Durran and Watson were trying to achieve with taking out the corset. Opt for a flowing tulle skirt instead of a full-blown ball gown style, or if you’re having a summer wedding, you could go more minimal and choose a Grecian-style wedding dress.

Emma’s wardrobe also had a slight Indian feel, owing to the embroidery on the dress in the final scene which was stitched by two brothers. When looking for your wedding dress in London, if you feel like straying away from pure white, look for wedding dresses with coloured embroidery, to give a country feel. You could also opt for a more modest wedding dress, with unique additions. The yellow dress had Swarovski crystals sewn into it, so replicating this in your own dress will give it a beautiful sheen.

Now… Where to Wear Your Wedding Dress in London?

Once you find your perfect dress having visited our boutique wedding dress shop in North London, it’s time to hunt for the perfect wedding location to match. Unfortunately, the castle in the film was the inside of a studio, but that’s not to say you can’t channel the Gothic feeling. The UK has many splendid Gothic wedding locations to search through. If you’re feeling grand, opt for a castle with plenty of turrets, but if that’s not your scene or budget, you can choose a smaller Gothic location like an old house or castle ruins.

Wherever you choose and whatever dress you settle on, don’t forget your candelabras and talking teapots. Take dancing lessons for your first dance together as man and wife, so you can waltz away the evening. Then, you’ll be all set to achieve your own fairytale happy ending.

Begin planning your fairytale wedding today. Book an appointment with Belle Bridal today to browse our selection of sample wedding dresses in London.