Trying to set a date? February may be a month with some infamously bad weather, but with a wedding dress sample sale here, some fantastically discounted wedding locations there, and romance everywhere, a Valentine’s wedding should be top of your list.

Although February is one of the least popular months for tying the knot, Valentine’s Day itself is an extremely popular wedding date — especially if it falls on a Saturday. With off-season prices and New Year wedding dress sales in London to search through, there are many reasons to embrace not just Valentine’s Day, but the entire month of love for your wedding.

We’ve put our expert knowledge into use to bring you the best ideas and some solid reasons for why you should save your date for the month that’s short but sweet.

Find Your Dream Wedding Dress in a London Sale

The average amount of money spent on a wedding dress is £1,385. That’s a lot of money to spend on a dress which you’ll only wear once! But then again, you (hopefully) only get married once, too, so what’s a girl to do? There’s nothing as heartbreaking as having to give up on your dreams because you don’t have the money for them, so make sure you check out the wedding dress sample sales in London.

The benefit of a sample sale is that it’s a gorgeous selection of budget wedding dresses in London, but they’re not budget quality. Sample wedding dresses are designer dresses that have been used as a sample and, even though they’re still in perfect condition, you can now get them for as much as 70% off their RRP. Imagine everything you could do with that extra money; maybe add it to the honeymoon fund or the deposit on your first house. By helping you find the dress of your dreams at a dream price, we’re helping you live your wedding fantasy and build towards more dreams down the line.

Open Your Heart to the Love of… Well, All Things Love

There are so many ways to embrace Valentine’s Day in your wedding, while still keeping it tasteful. Bring a feeling of love and romance into your wedding; from the flowers to the food, the lighting to the location. When you choose your wedding dress, consider a ballgown style and accessorise with a faux fur shawl and a red rose in your hair. When choosing your makeup style, choose a fresh-faced and dewy look and accentuate your eyes so they look as large as possible.

If you want to go for a more whimsical and old-fashioned feel, choose a beautiful lace wedding dress. You can accessorise with reds and pinks and keep that theme going throughout all the wedding decorations. If you want more of a romantic feel, choose deep, dark reds to play off the white of your dress. When you’re at a wedding dress sale in London choosing a dress, imagine what flowers will go best with it. Crimson roses? Pink lilies? The entire theme of your wedding can hinge upon your choice of dress.

Valentine’s Day Has Become About Money — Let’s Bring it Back to Love

Valentine’s Day as we know it is falling out of popularity, as it becomes associated with consumerism and expectations. It wasn’t that way until the middle of the eighteenth century, though, and then Hallmark got their hands on it and started mass-producing Valentine’s cards in 1913.

Who was St. Valentine, though? While the details are uncertain, St. Valentine was rumoured to be a Roman priest who lived in third century AD. When Emperor Claudius II banned marriages, believing that men who were married made bad soldiers, St. Valentine continued to help them marry in secret — all for the sake of love. Eventually, he was caught and sentenced to death for his crimes. Apparently, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and wrote her a letter signed ‘from your Valentine’ just before his death on February 14th.

This sad and romantic story is as far away as possible from the holiday of mass consumerism it’s become today. St. Valentine was a true romantic, sacrificing his life to help lovers marry each other.

What better way to honour him than by choosing a budget wedding dress in London and an off-season wedding date, saving your money for your future together? Create a cosy and romantic venue, fill the room with roses and have a blissful, romantic start to the first day of your married life.

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