Cheap and London aren’t two words that often go together. Yet planning a cheap London wedding can be possible with these handy tips.

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement —  now the planning begins! If you live in London, no doubt you’ll want to plan a wedding nearby. After all, London is so accessible for family and friends to get to, and the array of places to get married and have your reception is endless.

If you’re on a budget, you might be concerned about how you’re going to stick to it. But the combination of finding sample wedding dresses for sale and drafting in the help of your family could be the key to success. Here, we outline a few ways to keep the costs low for your amazing London wedding.

Remember! Before you even start looking at venues and dresses, set a budget. Without a budget, you could end up spending thousands of pounds which, realistically, you might not be able to afford. There is nothing wrong with a small budget and sometimes this allows you to be more creative.

Check Out Sample Wedding Dresses for Sale

Designer dresses can be expensive. If you can’t afford to spend over £1,000 on a wedding dress then sample wedding dresses for sale are the answer you’re looking for. These designer dresses are used for marketing or for brides to try on. After their use, the cost is cut dramatically. The quality of the dress remains exactly the same, yet you can get it for half of the price or even much less.

Sample wedding dresses for sale in North London are available at Belle Bridal. With up to 70% off recommended retail prices, it’s the perfect opportunity to find your cheap wedding dress in London, without compromising on the quality.

Consider Getting Married in Off-Season

Some venues offer great winter deals. While more daylight hours and greater chances of sunshine make the summer months more desirable, winter offers a different setting. Some venues are perfect for a magical winter wedding and you’re less likely to have guests on holiday, like in the summertime.

Getting married on a weekday also works out cheaper. Most people will be happy to take a Friday off work and give themselves a long-weekend to recover!

Your local council will have a list of venues where you can host your wedding. After browsing, you can inquire about the cost. Opting to get married in a registry office can often be the cheapest option, as the price of the registrar is usually included.

Ask Your Super-Talented Friends & Family

Are you lucky enough to have a mother who’s fantastic at baking? Or a best friend who is a nail technician? If you are, now is the time to call upon their skills. Most friends and family will be more than happy to help out on the big day. It can significantly cut-costs as all the extra bits add up.

Find Students and Startups

Photography can be expensive, with some photographers charging well over £1,000 for full-day coverage. Thankfully, there are some budget options available. Some photographers do half-days, which are cheaper, but one of the cheapest options is to find a student photographer. Students won’t charge as much and will be super-keen for the experience — if they are already studying they’ll have an excellent camera and a good eye.

The same goes for food, which is usually the most costly part of the day. Try and find a new food catering company. They will likely charge less, as they’ll be in need of the business and wishing to develop a reputation, but the food should still be spot-on.

With thorough research, you can most certainly have a budget wedding in London. It will still be fantastic and everything you dreamed of — we promise!

At Belle Bridal, we don’t want your budget to restrict you from finding your perfect dress. Jo and Claire offer free appointments to help you find your sample wedding dress in North London. Contact us today for an appointment.