Winter weddings are magical, so you just have to find the perfect winter wedding dress in London to match the occasion!

It seems like only yesterday we were talking about spring weddings. Yet, winter is already just around the corner, with Christmas decorations creeping into shops. As London braces itself for the colder months, there is no time to be wasted on finding a perfect wedding dress in London.

Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular and it’s no surprise why. Suppliers often have more availability and some venues offer a discounted price. Plus, planning a winter wonderland wedding is so much fun! Offering people mulled wine or spiced apple, for example, is a great alternative to the usual champagne.

But, what about the dress? Think about a dress and accessories that are suitable for the time of year. The weather is a big factor to consider while finding a wedding dress in London.

At Belle Bridal, we have a variety of dresses for all seasons, so here are our top tips to make sure you find the best winter wedding dress.

Finding a Winter Wedding Dress in London

The main difference between a winter wedding dress and summer wedding dress is that you need that little bit of extra warmth during the winter months. Fortunately, there are some gorgeous wedding dresses which are designed to be a little warmer and have more fabric. Keep a close eye on these key factors when shopping for your wedding dress in London.

Sleeves: While most women might not initially think of sleeves on a wedding dress, sleeves really can add elegance, along with a bit of extra warmth. Lace sleeves are very popular and can look stunning, keeping in some much-needed heat in the process — practical and beautiful!

Collars: Remember Kate Middleton’s wedding dress? It not only had sleeves, but also a collar. Although we might associate collars with thick jumpers, delicate collars on dresses can look truly wonderful. Adding a collar also means adding extra material on the back of the dress, which is an excellent way to stay a little bit warmer.

Lots of Layers: Many wedding dresses already come with lots of under-layers. Still, if you want a dress with a lot of body, a tiered wedding dress provides some extra layers of warmth for you around your legs.

Staying Warm in your Wedding Dress for Outside Photographs

Belle’s costume in Beauty and the Beast was based on 18th-century French fashion, but with a modern twist. Ball gown wedding dresses are easy to find but to truly channel the spirit of Belle, make sure you find one with a flow. The majority of ball gowns come with a tight bodice and a structured skirt, which contradicts the feel Durran and Watson were trying to achieve with taking out the corset. Opt for a flowing tulle skirt instead of a full-blown ball gown style, or if you’re having a summer wedding, you could go more minimal and choose a Grecian-style wedding dress.

Emma’s wardrobe also had a slight Indian feel, owing to the embroidery on the dress in the final scene which was stitched by two brothers. When looking for your wedding dress in London, if you feel like straying away from pure white, look for wedding dresses with coloured embroidery, to give a country feel. You could also opt for a more modest wedding dress, with unique additions. The yellow dress had Swarovski crystals sewn into it, so replicating this in your own dress will give it a beautiful sheen.

Although the idea of going outside for half an hour for photos doesn’t seem like a long time, when it’s cold, it can feel like forever. If the sleeveless, knee-length dress is the one you want, this is fine, but consider what layers can be added, either temporarily or as part of the outfit. You obviously want to ensure you’re not shivering or looking a bit pale in your wedding photos! Consider the following layers to keep you cosy and warm for those photos.

Tights: For underneath the dress, tights are essential. Even if you have a shorter dress, nude tights can make a huge difference to keeping you warm. If you have a long dress, they can be thicker and slightly off-colour.

Capes: Some dresses have capes attached, regaining that elegant and stylish look, while adding an extra layer of warmth. Long capes are also available to buy and can even be a different tone to the colour of the dress.

Boleros and jackets: If you don’t want a cape, there is an array of stunning light jackets and faux fur boleros to wear around the shoulders and neck. If you want some ideas and inspiration, head to Pinterest and we can guarantee you’ll find plenty of ideas.

When looking in wedding dress shops in London, keep in mind all the extra layers that can keep you warm. You want to be as comfortable as possible come wedding day, so don’t leave yourself out in the cold! Try on different options and see which one you think is best for you on your big day.

Belle Bridal can help you to find the perfect winter wedding dress in London. No matter what your budget, we have a variety of options available. Call Jo & Claire today on 02084462481 or book your appointment online.