Kate remains a bridal icon, but it’s not all about demure design, says wedding dress expert Louisa Shulman.

It’s now three years since lace made the wedding dress headlines after Kate Middleton modelled it to such dramatic effect on her big day, but it is still very much sought-after among brides, especially for sleeves. If you want to cover your arms or décolletage, lace takes a lot of beating. However, the jacket is important too, especially if you are aiming to vary your look between the church and the party. Manufacturers are clued-up when it comes to giving brides options — detachable belts, sleeves, straps and even detachable skirts are available. when it comes to silhouettes, fishtails are making way for the softer “trumpet” style, which creates the same effect in a more forgiving mode. Clean, chic lines in textured fabrics, often with dramatic back detailing, are also going to dominate this year. Another style to look out for is the slimline dress, long or short, with a floaty layer on the top which can be detachable — picking up once again on the demand for versatility — as in Leena Romu’s Ida design. More is less when it comes to necklines — more coverage, less flesh.

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