Looking for a cheap but luxurious wedding dress? Sample designer wedding dresses are available so you can wear a fabulous gown for far less than the usual cost!

For many brides, finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of planning the big day! As soon as the engagement ring is on, brides across the UK spend time looking online and in magazines at gorgeous wedding dresses. You’ll soon notice, if you hadn’t guessed already, that designer wedding dresses can come with a large price tag. Depending on the budget of your big day, you might not be able to shell out for an expensive dress.

That’s where wedding dresses and sample sales in London can help you out. Sample designer wedding dresses are an ideal way to get the dress of your dreams at a lower cost. Sample sales are frequent for many clothes, not just wedding dresses. The clothes at sample sales may have been used in marketing campaigns or as a dress for previous brides to try on, hence why they cost less.

If you’re on a budget, finding wedding dress sample sales in London is a must! Start your search early to find the dress of your dreams.

How Can I Find Sample Designer Wedding Dresses?

Finding a wedding dress sample sale in London is easy because there are so many great boutiques. Some boutiques will have sample sales in year-round. But, the best time to find a great sample designer wedding dress is when a new season of wedding dresses are coming into stock.

Most bridal shops who stock sample sale dresses will state so clearly on their website. If you’re not sure, give them a call to find out. At Belle Bridal, we offer free appointments for you to browse and try on all the beautiful dresses we have on offer.

When are Wedding Dress Sample Sales in London?

As well as in bridal boutiques, there are various bridal fairs in London throughout the year that host wedding sample sales.

If you do a quick search, you can find a list of London sample sales with all the upcoming events where you can get your hands on a sample designer wedding dress. Many bridal shop websites will also have all the information required if they are organising a sample sale. For some, it might be necessary to book an appointment so that you don’t miss out on all the great discounts and you have an opportunity to try on the dresses.

Do’s and Don’t When Trying on Sample Designer Wedding Dresses

Trying on wedding dresses can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. As well as all the normal questions you have when buying dresses (“Does it fit?” “Do I like it?”), you also need to consider the fact that you’ll be wearing it on your special day, with photos lasting a lifetime. You want it to look absolutely perfect. Here are some do’s and don’ts for when you’re trying on sample designer wedding dresses:

  • DO be open to new dress designs. You might have an idea in mind of what you’re looking for, but trying on something slightly different could be a real game changer.


  • DON’T say yes to a dress just because it’s discounted. Look for reasons why the dress is discounted and compare the price to other offers. At Belle Bridal, we ensure that all of our budget wedding dresses cut corners on nothing but the price, giving you a sensational dress for your big day.
  • DO bring somebody with you. Bring somebody honest whose opinion your trust. At a sample sale, it might be easier not to bring more than a couple of people.
  • DO check the returns policy. A sample in the sale might have a different time frame for returns, so always check.
  • DON’T feel disheartened if you can’t find that perfect dress right away. Some brides know exactly what they want, but for others, you might need to try on a few dresses before finding the right one. Patience is a virtue — and that dress of your dreams is out there waiting to be discovered.

Book a personal appointment with Jo and Claire at Belle Bridal to find your sample designer wedding dress in London!  We stock a huge range of designers including Justin Alexander and Stella York.