Do you have a big fat book of wedding ideas? Or an overloaded Pinterest board? If you’re planning a spring wedding, it’s time to find that discount designer wedding dress and give your wedding a fresh feel to set your love blooming.

If you’ve been dreaming of your wedding since you were a little girl, then you’ve probably spent years accumulating ideas — whether you’re the big white wedding type or you’d rather have a low-key, intimate ceremony. Now, the time is here: you’ve set a date, your invitations are ordered and you finally have to make decisions.

Spring is a hugely popular time to get married. The days are longer, the sun is more likely to stay out and it can be much cheaper than in the summer. Why else would Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married in May? More than likely, you’re finding that you’ve had so many ideas that your budget is spiralling out of control. Food? Flowers? Table settings? Venue?

If your wedding ideas are getting away from you, it’s time to spring clean your wedding with some budget wedding ideas.

Finding Discount Designer Wedding Dresses

Have you ever heard the expression “say yes to the dress”? It’s not just a TV show — it’s a real thing. You never really know what wedding dress you want until you put it on, see yourself and go “yes! This is it!” If you’re unsure what style you want for your wedding, it’s a good tip to wait until you’ve found the dress of your dreams. Then, you can match everything else to it.

Of course, the spring dress of your dreams rarely comes in at the budget of your reality. This is where discount designer wedding dresses come in. You can get a designer dress that’s been used as a sample. It’s still in perfect condition but it’s also the perfect price! You’d never believe that they’re budget wedding dresses.

Make sure you take just one good friend with you whose decision you trust when trying on budget weddings dresses. Don’t make the mistake of bringing your entire bridal party or someone who’ll say yes just to make you happy.

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Find the Venue to Match Your Budget Wedding Dress

London has some beautiful wedding venues, but they often aren’t available at budget prices. After all, nothing in London is particularly budget! A great wedding idea for those looking to keep costs down can be to take your wedding outside London, which will also will let you properly enjoy the beauty of Spring.

There are some beautiful countryside venues outside London and throughout the UK. If you’re getting married in the countryside, look at simpler wedding dresses and use flowers as accessories, rather than spending a lot of money on jewellery. Pastel colours are ideal to decorate your venue and your bridesmaids!

Keep Your Wedding Clean and Fresh, and the Price Tag Will Match

When you spring clean your wedding ideas, keep the idea of clean, fresh, and simple in your mind. If you’ve found the budget wedding dress of your dreams and the venue that you can’t wait to transform into somewhere beautiful, your budget will naturally match.

Take the time today to throw out the thousands of ideas that are weighing you down and causing uncertainty. Plan your wedding ideas for spring on a budget and think about what really matters to you. Create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

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*Editor’s note: This blog was updated in March 2018, to bring you all the latest wedding ideas for Spring on a budget