It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and that means Christmas wedding season! Bring the magic of Christmas to your special day.

The weather might be cold and dark, but isn’t there something beautiful and romantic about Christmas? Snuggling with your sweetheart in front of a roaring fire, taking long, crisp countryside walks and gazing up at the first snow as it covers the world in white. If you love the cold, the snow and that festive feeling, there’s no better time of year to get married and celebrate your love and commitment.

Scheduling your special day for a date in December also opens up some gorgeous options for wedding dresses to suit the festive season — none of which will break the bank if you look through budget wedding dress shops in London. Take a look at these three budget wedding dress ideas that will look stunning on any wedding day, but especially so during Christmas.

1. Become a Princess in a Ball Gown Wedding Dress

The ball gown wedding dress is what every little girl dreams of when she imagines her big white wedding — just like what every Disney princess walks down the aisle in. A winter wedding needs to be more luxurious than one in the summer when the weather is warmer and you can stick to the basic accessories.

With a winter wedding, you can choose dark colours, rich fabrics, shawls and gloves, faux fur and satin. If you’ve always wanted to dress like a princess, then now is your time. For an extra feeling of luxury, you can accessorise with a tiara and some jewellery. Not only will it make everything that bit more regal, but it will look divine as the light catches its different surfaces. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look worth one, though. Visit budget wedding dress shops in London to view sample wedding dresses and find your dream dress at a dream price.

Because the dark weather and the cold allow for more depth in the colours you choose, like dark reds and greens, you can swathe yourself in pure white as a beautiful counterbalance, that resembles the crisp bite of frost in the air.

2. Feel Like a Celebrity in a Designer Gown

If you prefer to have real life wedding role models rather than Disney Princesses, and always fantasised about getting married in a Vera Wang or an Oscar De La Renta, then you don’t have to give up on that dream yet, just because your budget is far from those of your idols.

At Belle Bridal, we have the best selection of budget wedding dresses in London, so you won’t have to spend a year’s wages on your dress. Better still, a lot of our dresses have been used as sample wedding dresses, so they’re still designer but now cost you a fraction of what they would have done originally.

As a budget wedding dress shop in London, we know the importance of not having a budget feel. You’ll be thrilled that you opted for one of our sample wedding dresses. Why not use the extra money on a honeymoon somewhere warm?

3. Embrace the Ornate in a Lace Covered Modest Wedding Dress

Modest wedding dresses in the UK are extremely popular right now — and when you see how beautiful they can be, it’s obvious why. With a wedding dress that’s covered in lace, you’ll be channelling the winter wonderland. The snowflakes outside will match the patterns in the lace on your dress, while extra covering from the dress will keep you nice and warm.

If you don’t want to choose between a ball gown wedding dress and one that’s elegant and lace covered, you can choose half and half: a lacy upper and a ball gown skirt. You can also find lace that has pearls sewn into it. If you choose to go for lace and pearls, then place candles around your wedding venue. Not only will the flickering lighting create a beautiful and romantic effect, but the orange light will be reflected in your pearls and reflect a gorgeous warm glow.

While you glow in white, you can explore your winter colour scheme more fully with your bridesmaid dresses. Perhaps you want to go for rich colours like reds and emerald greens, or maybe you want to stay colder but regal with golds and silvers. Next to the contrast, you’ll look simply radiant.

When choosing the dress for your winter wedding, it’s about a feeling as much as a style. You’re creating a feeling of romance and warmth to add some light and happiness into these dark months. With the right dress and some well-chosen accessories, you’re sure to have a magical day.

To find out more about our budget wedding dresses in London and start planning your winter fairytale, call Belle Bridal on 020 8446 2481 today to book an appointment.