Winter weddings can cost considerably less than summer weddings. Find an affordable wedding dress for your winter wedding.

For some newly engaged couples, summer seems like the ideal time for a wedding. Longer daylight hours and the potential for sunshine and outdoor festivities make it a popular choice. However, this also means it can be the most expensive time of the year for hiring venues and caterers.

For those happy to forgo a summer wedding, winter weddings possess a unique magical quality and offer an alternative wedding style. Consider turning your venue into a winter wonderland and using lots of fairy lights. You can also choose stunning colours that complement the season, such as dark greens and pale blues.

If you want an affordable wedding dress for your winter wonderland, keep reading. We share the best dresses for the season and how you can find one for the big day.

Winter Wedding Dress Styles

A winter wedding allows you to try out styles that wouldn’t be suitable in the summer. No matter what your style, you’ll be able to find something that you’ll look fabulous in. Here are our suggestions for picking the perfect winter wedding dress:

Long Sleeves: A summer wedding isn’t great for a wedding dress with sleeves, as you’ll likely get too hot. But in winter, sleeves not only look great, but can also offer that extra layer of warmth. You can choose from short sleeves or long sleeves — made of lace, silk or any other material. Sleeves can look very elegant and, if you’re self-conscious about your arms, can make you feel more confident.

Cardigan or Bolero: The ultimate winter wedding dress accessory, there are some fantastic choices of cardigan and bolero available, including faux fur or even woollen. Make sure you incorporate a bolero into your dress budget, as it will come at an extra cost.

Ivory and Champagne Colours: You might not have realised how many shades of white there are until you started looking at dresses! For winter, ivory and champagne colours look great. If you’re lucky to have a bit of snow, the contrast of white snow against an ivory or champagne dress is stunning.

Layers: If it’s colder, having a base layer will help to keep the warmth in. An A-line dress can be worn with plenty of layers underneath, while offering a beautiful bridal look.

Collars: A wedding dress with a collar? Absolutely. A collared dress can look very elegant, with some of the most beautiful winter wedding dresses having a collar. Remember Meghan Markle’s second wedding dress? Her evening gown incorporated a collar and she looked stunning.

Finding an Affordable Wedding Dress

You should start looking for your wedding dress 9 to 12 months before the big day. This gives you plenty of time to visit several shops and order a dress. Once ordered, a dress can take a few months to arrive and then you might need some alterations.

If you want to find an affordable wedding dress that you can walk away with on the day, you’ll want to look at sample wedding dress sales. These sales are perfect for finding a designer wedding dress for half of the cost! These dresses may have been used in a marketing campaign or for previous brides to try on. Sample sales allow you to benefit from an amazing designer style, but without the high price tag.

No matter what your budget, you’ll be sure to find an amazing dress for your wedding day.

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