Whether you’re a wedding guest or a bridesmaid, a navy blue dress can make a beautiful gown for attending a wedding ceremony. A deep navy blue can perfectly contrast the bride’s dress, and in the colder months, this rich colour can warm up the wedding photos, or compliment the snowy theme.

But when it comes to accessorising your navy blue dress for a wedding, it can be difficult to know where to start. From jewellery to fascinators, to clutch bags and shoes, there are so many different accessories to think about!

Here are some tips to help you accessorise a navy blue dress for a wedding, and make the most of this gorgeous colour.

Which Colours Pair with a Navy Blue Dress?

The good news is that navy blue is a fairly neutral colour, so whether you’re considering white, silver, salmon or even a pale yellow, there are so many different colours you can pair with your dress.

Navy provides the perfect base colour for lighter shades, so pastel or light, neutral colours are an ideal choice — pastel pink, light blue or grey, for example. These lighter colours are a good choice for bridesmaids, as pale shades will provide a fair and beautiful contrast, without distracting from, or clashing with, the bride’s wedding dress.

During summer brighter, contrasting shades can work too — bold pink, bright yellow or red can add a splash of colour to your outfit and brighten up the wedding photos. However, if you’re a bridesmaid, it’s best to avoid bright colours unless they’re part of the bridal party colour scheme.

Complement the Bride’s Wedding Dress

When choosing your accessories, think about the colour and material of the bride’s wedding dress. Is it a modest or modern dress? Is it a simple design, or does it have intricate detailing?

If you’re part of the bridal party, or you have a close relationship with the bride, you’re going to be in a fair few pictures alongside her. By choosing accessories that complement the bride’s dress, you can do your bit to help the happy couple create stunning wedding photos.

For example, if the bride has a cream, white or silver dress, consider a clutch bag, or shoes of the same colour. If the bride is wearing a wedding dress with lace detail, consider lace accessories. Small details can make a world of difference when it comes to wedding photos.

Consider the Colour Palette of the Bouquet

The colours of the bouquet are something that bridesmaids in navy dresses should consider. If you’re part of the bridal party, you’ll likely have a picture featuring the bouquet (or several bouquets!). And the last thing you want is for your accessories to clash with the flowers.

Ask the bride what colours will be featured in her flower arrangement and choose accessories that match or complement the shades.

Bride with her bridesmaids wearing navy blue bridesmaids dresses.

Consult Your Fellow Bridesmaids

Another tip for bridesmaids in blue is to consult your fellow bridesmaids before choosing any accessories. The bridal party can look stunning when dressed not just in the same dresses, but also similar accessories.

You could choose clutch bags of the same size or shape or shoes of the same colour. You could also coordinate jewellery by all wearing silver or gold. The more unified the bridal party looks, the more effective the pictures will be.

Only Use 2-3 Colours in Your Outfit

We all have moments where we get carried away with colours, but if you’re attending a wedding, this is not the best time to experiment with a rainbow of different shades. The best way to accessorise your navy dress is with only one or two other colours.

Any more than three colours in your wedding guest outfit can be overwhelming. By limiting your outfit’s palette to two or three colours, your wedding guest attire will remain simple and timeless.

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