Are you on the hunt for a cheap plus size wedding dress? Not sure where to start? Let us help you with that.

Wedding dress shopping for plus size ladies can be difficult. Perhaps you’ve found the perfect dress but they don’t stock it in your size. If you’re a bride on a budget, it can be even more difficult to find the balance of wedding dress of your dreams and one within your price range.

With the average UK woman being a size 16, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a fabulous dress within your budget. You’ll first need to do a little research, but in the long-run, the research can help you massively. Finding a discount wedding dress is a must for any bride on a budget.

Follow our top tips below to find the perfect discount plus size wedding dress for your special day.

How to Find Your Discount Plus Size Wedding Dress

Generally, you should start looking for your wedding dress up to a year before the wedding. If possible, never leave it less than two months before the wedding as alterations might need to be made. Twelve to ten months before is optimum dress shopping time!

1. Set Your Budget

Budget-setting. It’s one of those necessary things that you and your partner need to do before you start to book anything for your wedding. The cost of a wedding does add up. Although estimations about the average cost of a wedding vary considerably, according to 3,000 couples in 2017, the average wedding cost just shy of £18,000.

Whatever your budget, there will be a dress out there for you. It’s about being strict and hunting around. Don’t visit shops where you know the dresses are more expensive than you can afford — you’ll just end up feeling disappointed.

2. Decide on the Style You Want

There are so many different wedding dress styles out there. From jumpsuits to princess dresses, there is a style for every bride. Having an idea about what you want or don’t want before you go shopping is a good idea. If not, you might feel a little overwhelmed when starting your shopping. Giving guidance to the shop assistant means they can help to find something just right for you.

3. Embrace Your Curves

Some brides would love to have curves to flaunt on their big day. Think about the parts of your body that you love and find a dress which shows these off.

4. Ignore the Number

It can be difficult but don’t get hung up on the dress size. Some wedding dress designers and brands have variable sizes, meaning you won’t necessarily fit your usual size. If you’re usually a size 16 but that feels a bit tight, don’t worry. The next size up could be the perfect fit. Every size 16 is a different shape so don’t feel disheartened. You’re going to look fabulous!

5. Find Out the Stock Sizes

Every wedding dress shop in London and beyond should list the designers they stock and sizes they stock for. Always check before booking an appointment what sizes they stock. You don’t want to be disappointed when you arrive. Some designers will specialise in plus size dresses or create designs that are perfect for a curvy woman. Maggie Sottero, Mori Lee and Tara Kelly all stock plus sizes. Even better, we have their stock here at Belle Bridal in our sample sale! This means designer dresses at discount prices.

6. Put Your Comfort First

Yes, you want to look fabulous on your big day. But you’re going to be wearing the dress for about 12 hours so you want to be comfortable. Don’t squeeze into a dress that’s slightly too small because you prefer it. When trying on the dress, do the things you’ll be doing on your wedding day, such as sitting and walking — make sure it’s comfortable in all situations!

Finding a discount wedding dress shouldn’t be stressful, it should be exciting! Give yourself plenty of time to shop around and enjoy finding the perfect dress for your big day.

Belle Bridal stock wedding dresses for all shapes and sizes. With free one-hour appointments available with a personal touch, contact us for your wedding dress consultation.