There are some essential questions to ask all wedding shops in London. With our years of experience, let us share our wisdom!

The average price of a wedding dress is over £1300. This staggering figure is simply not affordable for all brides-to-be. Thankfully, some wedding dress shops in London offer discounted wedding dresses. This makes finding a wedding dress much more accessible to those on a tight budget.  

While price is a top priority when shopping for a wedding dress, there are some other crucial questions to ask any wedding shop in London before making your purchase. At Belle Bridal, we have been meeting brides for nearly a decade and share the top questions to ask when you’re shopping for the perfect dress.

  1. Are Discount Wedding Dresses Available?

Discount wedding dresses are ideal for those on a budget. A discounted wedding dress is just as beautiful and high-quality as a more expensive dress. Don’t feel too shy to ask if you’re on a strict budget; it’s important that you’re happy with the cost of your dress.

Sample sales are a also great opportunity for the more frugal bride. Check with wedding dress shops in London if they have sample collections available. You might be surprised with the incredible options available!

  1. Does the Wedding Dress Shop Charge for Alterations?

Every woman is uniquely different. When finding a dress, even your ideal outfit is unlikely to be a 100% perfect fit. Alterations are common, so be sure to ask if alternations are included in the price or if they come at an extra cost. If so, how much is it? This is important to consider when trying on dresses. Alterations can take time as well, so be sure to find out how long it will take.

  1. What Accessories Would Look Good with This Dress?

Of course, the dress is important, but have you thought about the accessories? Don’t feel overwhelmed by choosing accessories. In fact, when trying on dresses, think about what jewellery or hair pieces you’ll want to wear.

Asking the shop owners always gives you a chance to take advice from those who have seen it all. Here at Belle Bridal, we’ve helped countless brides pick the entire outfit of their dreams, so we know which accessories work well with dresses and which don’t. We can often be the best people to share our honest opinions.

  1. When Do I Need to Pay the Wedding Dress Shop?

There’s no getting around it: weddings are expensive. The average wedding now costs over £25,000. With that in mind, it’s not always possible to pay for a wedding dress upfront — but this isn’t necessarily a problem. Many bridal boutiques understand that dresses can be costly and splitting the payment is required. Other places may require you to pay the fee when the dress arrives in store or after alterations. Always check when payment needs to be made and you might find you can make it much more affordable.

  1. How Long Will My Dress Take to Arrive?

At Belle Bridal, we have a selection of dresses which you are able to take home the very same day that you visit our wedding dress shop in London. However, we understand that for many brides, you’ll need to order the dress, make alterations and mull over your choice before buying.

Knowing how long your dress will take to arrive is an important factor to consider. If the wedding is soon, you’ll want something that won’t take too long to arrive. The last thing you want in the build-up to your special day is to be panicking over where your dress is! At Belle Bridal, we’re able to order some dresses and have them with you in just six weeks. In other wedding shops, it can take a number of months.

We advise you to start dress shopping as soon as possible. Leave yourself with plenty of time to find your perfect dress!

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