There’s something incredibly beautiful about a modest wedding dress. While more brides are opting for modern styles with provocative features, modest wedding dresses often have a traditional charm that can’t be beaten.

With more coverage, they’re suitable for any ceremony. If you’re getting married in a church or temple, you may need to cover your shoulders or even your elbows. A modest wedding dress will provide the coverage you need without sacrificing style.

So if you dream of walking down the aisle in a stylish wedding gown, here are five beautiful features to look for in modest UK wedding dresses.

1: Illusion Neckline

If you love the modesty of a jewel neckline, but a lower cut dress is more suited to your style, an illusion neckline is the perfect way to blend modesty with modern styles.

Illusion necklines are made from thin, semi-transparent material — organza or sheer tulle is often used for this section of the dress. This material continues up from the main fabric of your gown, giving your dress a bare skin effect without compromising on coverage. Often illusion necklines combine a modern sweetheart neckline with a more modest jewel or boat neckline so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you choose an illusion neckline, you’ll also have the option of finding a dress with floating details. Lace, beading or fabric details are often sewn onto the semi-transparent material, creating a dramatic floating-on-skin effect and providing that extra bit of coverage.

2: Sleeves

Rather than strapless and sleeveless styles, modest wedding dresses will have sleeves that cover your shoulders, elbows, or your whole arm. And the sleeves on modest wedding dresses can be masterpieces — there are more types of sleeve than you ever imagined! From poet to sheath to puffed sleeves, you can cover your arms in the fabric and style of your choice.

3: Detailed Back Design

Modest gowns will usually offer full back coverage, and you can find dresses with backs that are just as beautiful as the front. After all, you want to show off your dress from all angles when walking down the aisle.

You’ll find dresses with scoop or keyhole backs or dresses with more detailed back designs featuring lace inserts or even an illusion back with floating details.

Bridesmaid helps fasten bride's modest wedding dress with detailed back design.

4: Free-Flowing Silhouette

Wedding dresses don’t have to cling to your every curve. Many modest gowns offer a free-flowing design with a skirt that hangs beautifully from your waistline. Two of the most popular dress styles with free-flowing skirts are A-line and ball gowns. A flowing dress is perfect for apple and pear-shaped bodies, and anyone looking for a fairytale-style gown.

5: Cascading Trains

Modest wedding dresses favour full-length designs. And with full-length wedding dresses come beautiful cascading trains.

Picture this: you’re walking down the aisle, past your friends and family, your loved one smiling at you from the alter. And as you walk past each row, you hear a second round of “oohs” and “ahhs” as your guests catch site of the dress that trails behind you. A train can transform a wedding dress into a picture-perfect, fairy-tale gown.

There are several different types of train to suit every bride. So whether you’re going for a classic and simple look, an intricate masterpiece, or a gown fit for royalty, a train could be just what you need to complete your look.

You can find a one-piece dress with a train that extends from the main fabric, or you could choose a detachable train. With a detachable train, you can enjoy the draping skirt for your big moment and the wedding pictures. But you’ll have the freedom to take it off when it’s time to boogie on the dance floor.

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