It’s the start of a new year and new decade, and already we’re starting to see 2020 wedding dress trends emerge. Wedding dress designers have released their ready-to-wear bridal collections for 2020, showcasing bold and modern features as well as timelessly elegant designs.

So which wedding dress styles and features are on-trend this year? Here are some of the biggest 2020 wedding dress trends.

Royal-Inspired Modest Wedding Gowns

While the start of the new year saw Harry and Meghan step down from their royal duties, many of us have fallen even more in love with the royal family and soon-to-be independent Harry and Meghan. And it looks as though royal-inspired modest wedding dresses will remain very much in-style throughout 2020.

Modest wedding dresses offer a classic, timeless feeling and traditional charm. And with so many potential design features of modest gowns, such as the royal-approved boat neckline and intricate lace detailing, brides can find sophisticated dresses unique to their style.

Bride wearing a modest wedding dress whilst holding a bridal bouquet.

A Revival of Vintage Glamour

The turn of a new decade has many brides feeling nostalgic for bridal fashion trends of the 20th century. Nostalgia might even be one of the biggest themes behind 2020 wedding dress trends.

From the short, sweet and swinging styles of the 1950s and 60s, to dresses that capture the glamour of the 1920s and 30s, many brides want to strut down the aisle in a vintage-style wedding dress.

Vintage wedding dresses make use of traditional fabrics, intricate detailing, and varying skirt styles and lengths. Satin gowns, puffed sleeves, luxury lace fabrics, art deco designs that combine class and sparkle — these glamorous features are all set to be on-trend for 2020 weddings.

Bride wearing a vintage wedding dress with lace.

Non-White Wedding Dresses

White wedding dresses will never lose their charm, but more brides are turning to non-white gowns for their big day. And there’s never been more choice of colour when it comes to wedding dress shopping.

Colourful wedding dress designs featured in many of 2020’s ready-to-wear bridal collections. Vera Wang’s Spring 2020 collection included shades of pink, beige, champagne, and even green made an appearance.

Soft colours such as blush, champagne, ivory, and silver are the most popular alternatives to white, but bold colours are also on the rise. Colourful dresses offer brides a chance to make a statement and choose a dress that reflects their personality.

Bride wearing a pinkish wedding dress and holding a bouquet of flowers.

Trouser Suits and Jumpsuits

We’ve seen a lot of nostalgic features in this year’s bridal collections, but 2020 has also brought about some stunning, modern wedding dress trends. And one contemporary trend that’s taking the world of bridal fashion by storm is trousers.

Trouser suits and jumpsuits are a bold alternative to wedding dresses and they offer both comfort and style. With bridal trousers, you can still show off the classic white look and bridal design elements such as lace detailing and sheer inserts.

And for brides who can’t decide between trousers or a skirt, some 2020 bridal jumpsuits have blended the conventional with the contemporary. Jumpsuits with both a skirt and trousers offer brides unique and stunning outfits that combine the best of both worlds.

Female model wearing a trouser wedding gown during New York Fashion Week.

This year has brought about wedding dress trends for every bride. And whatever your style, Belle Bridal can help you pick out your perfect wedding dress. We offer discounted designer dresses to suit every bride and every budget. So book a free appointment today to browse our collection.